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About The Brand

Owner and Designer, Ella Mental, has been raising eyebrows with uniquely bold bikini designs. The swimwear is inspired by the style, glamour, and fantasy of Fabulous Las Vegas, NV.
The unique quality of each garment has earned extensive exposure as seen in Magazines, Runway Shows, Bikini Model Competitions, Las Vegas Shows, and boutiques on The Strip. Since the brand's launch in May 2014, Ella Mental Swimwear has positioned itself as one of the fastest growing swimwear brands in Las Vegas, NV.
Original and custom design is the brand's namesake. Most swimwear brands use the patterns already offered for free by the production house. The factories offer a generic cut. A kind of one-size-fits-all pattern for pennies on no sense. Ella Mental Swimwear's patterns are original. The patterns are made on a live human form. Ella draws the designs by hand, as well as, sews the swimwear in house.
Ladies, have you ever tried on a heap of 'cute' bikinis only to find you are putting them all back on the rack? Do you ever feel that you are more beautiful than what the bikini looks like on you? If you have ever wanted more than what the mirror reflects back, try on an Ella Mental Swimwear bikini to see and feel the difference.
Allow your features to shine. Ella is a Classically Trained Figure Painter that has profusely studied the human form. Her passion has always been to elevate the female subject through art. 
Paint flows and so do the lines of a female.  Why wear square boxy bikinis when women were born of timeless awe-inspiring curves?  Ella's swimwear is designed to flow with the curves and lines of the female form. Extra emphasis is placed on the prettiest of parts with custom designed jewelry accents. The tops are cut like tear drops and the bottoms are cut low in the front with a signature curve high on the hips to accentuate a beautiful derriere. 
There is a process. First, the designs are conceived in drawings. The cuts, colors, and hardware are drawn and proven in concept. Once the materials are gathered, the real artistry begins. The patterns are cut, fabrics sewn, and custom hardware attached. A true masterpiece comes alive to be worn by the most beautiful to walk this Earth.
Ella Mental Swimwear's cuts are provocative.  With the use of less fabric and strategically placed hardware, a woman can accentuate what they love and draw the eye there.  Generic cuts offer an idea of coverage.  However, this is a false hope preying on insecurities.  Ella Mental Swimwear wants those who wear the brand to be proud and loud while living in harmony with their feminine sultry self.
Each piece is sold separately. Ella has never been the one-size-fits-all model and completely understands the retail fail of buying a "One Size Set".  Ella Mental Swimwear is dedicated to "The Perfect Fit Every Time". Mix and match tops and bottoms to put your best You forward.
Do you desire a custom bikini?  Do you like a style, but wish for it in another color? Do you like a color, but wish for it in a different style? Do you like the hardware, but want to see it arranged in your vision? Let Ella Mental construct your dream bikini. Email her with your ideas on how to create your bikini today... ella@ellamentalswimwear.com 
Be Uniquely Bold and Beautiful. 
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